Some years ago, a team of japanese scientists used genetic engineering to create little monsters which were called 'pokemon'. Though they were designed as cheap and nutritious meat, the Japanese chose not to include those animals in their diet and made them fight for fun. Pokemons soon spread all over the world, adopted by humans as wrestler pets. For years, pokemons were forced to fight between themselves at bloodiest fights.

Now pokemon 023, known as EKANS, eh... The Snake, rebels against Japanese and the whole world, willing to avenge the years of oppression against pokemons, to put humans back, to restore the natural balance between yin and yang.

EKANS is just a pokemon, but he has a secret weapon: amphetamin, powerful but dangerous medicine which makes him run like a shot, getting however hallucinations now and again and finding some bugs. Moreover, he'll meet PIKACHU, the most irritating pokemon, who is on the pay of the japanese government to prevent the pokemons' emancipation, as well as the illegal use of tax-free psychotropic substances.


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